• Ralok

    Martian Language

    December 7, 2013 by Ralok

    I am just going to be posting whatever random martian language words from every continuity here until I have a grip on the language so I can make an article.

    • G'amal'khul - martian (green) religious day/ceremony/institute - JLA classified #42
    • Per'elandra - earth - v2 #36
    • K'hym - female martian (green) name - many sources
    • D'all - martian (green) name - v2 #34
    • My'ria'h - female martian (green) name - many sources
    • Kra'ator - a word used in the term "kra'ator dragons" beings of martian mythology - v2 #33
    • Ma'alefa'ak - male martian (green/white/animal) name, translates to "darkness in heart" - v2 #32 (info on meaning)
    • J'onn - male martian (green) name, means roughly "light to the light" - v2 #32 (info on meaning)
    • M'yrnn - male martian (green) name - v2 #…

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  • Doomlurker

    I think that as they're doing an Earth 2 series, so I would love to see an Earth 3 series focused on the Crime Syndicate of America that shows their origins and stories. This series would include White Martian either the S'kaa M'axx or J'edd J'arkus version.

    What do you think about any of my ideas here? What would you like to see in the New 52 related to Martian Manhunter?
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  • DCaddict

    Hey, DCaddict here! I like to draw and write, so, here are some sites you can find my Fanfictions and various drawings:


    ] Well, bye for now!


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